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Analog Craftsman 5X Attenuator: Log/Lin
Analog Craftsman 5X Attenuator: Log/Lin

NoiseBug Price : $169.00

Yes, the Analog Craftsman 5X Attenuator: Log/Lin is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
A staple of modular synthesizers from the very beginning, the attenuator is perhaps equal parts boring and essential. It is used for a variety of purposes, from controlling cv amount, LFO depth, and even audio amplitude. The 5X offers you five such signal modifiers in a single 5U modular space, more than any other attenuator on the market. The 5X is available in this configuration:

Pull switch pots that toggle between a linear and logarithmic response curve. A “Swiss army knife” of attenuation for your modular system.

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