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Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter
Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter

NoiseBug Price : $204.00

Yes, the Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter is in stock!

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NOTE: Analogue Systems is now plug and play! This module comes with a Synovatron ASM2DB adaptor which makes it fit into any case that accepts a Doepfer style header connector. Most cases in Euro Land accept Doepfer style connections.

Manufacturer Description:
The filter is based on a bucket-brigade-device delay with very short times that clearly changes the phase of the signal. The feedback of this delay is used here as a resonance parameter that goes up to self-oscillation.

There are two audio inputs with level control. Unity gain is reached at the pot´s position 4, beyond this point the filter will be overdriven. A control sets the delay time from 2.5ms to 25ms and in addition there are two CV inputs for controlling delay time, one with fixed 1V/oct and a variable one.

CV: one input with 1V/octave and one variable input with attenuator.
Audio: 2x signal input, 1x signal output

12 hp
2.5 inches depth
10 mA ±12V
10 mA +5V

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