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Analogue Systems System 4: Apprentice
Analogue Systems System 4: Apprentice

NoiseBug Price : $4275

Yes, the Analogue Systems System 4: Apprentice is in stock!

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Old Nik says: "The Apprentice System 4 can serve as the 'right hand man' for any instrumentalist and/or vocalist. Among top of the pops Bob Williams' Analogue Systems topologies are licensed EMS Synthi circuits, this can be ideally complimentary to any synthesist's arsenal... To elaborate, Apprentice is purpose-built for external control (No MIDI here!) with its exquisite envelope follower and frequency to voltage converter, RS-35; Take auxiliary sends to the Nth by patching into Apprentice... There is so much to explore, it is truly a vehicle to infinitude."

Manufacturer Description:
Apprentice cabinet is impeccably built American Walnut (handsome hardwood, not veneer!) and contains Analogue Systems modules:

RS-35 External Signal Processor
RS-230 CV Buffer
RS-95E Voltage Controlled Oscillator Qty.2
RS-380 Modulation Controller
RS-500E EMS Synthi VCF
RS-110 Multimode VCF
RS-60 Envelope Generator (Looping ADSR)
RS-510E EMS Synthi Trapezoid Generator
RS-160 CV Mixer
RS-20 Multiple + Ring Modulator
RS-180 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
RS-165 Signal Mixer
RS-390 Echo

110V Mains Power Cable
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