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Moog Theremin Kit
Moog Theremin Kit

NoiseBug Price : $349.00

The Moog Theremin Kit is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Authentic theremin sound, fun to play. This is the instrument that so intrigued Bob Moog that he has spent the last 50 years building the most influential electronic musical instruments in the world. This is the build-it-yourself kit (unfinished wood cabinet, pre-built circuit board, several wiring points require soldering). All Etherwaves ship with two video tutorials on one DVD: Clara Rockmore: the Greatest Theremin Virtuosa, and Mastering the Theremin, featuring Lydia Kavina.

Antennas: authentic shape, nickel-plated 3/8 in. brass

Cabinet: furniture-grade hardwoods and Birch plywood; Black instrument-grade finish; mounts on standard mic stand

Power: durable rocker switch, 110v wall transformer power supply

Audio Out: 1/4 in. phone jack on front panel, direct audio into your own amp/speaker

Timbre: 2 continuous rotary controls for waveform and brightness

Pitch Range: 5 octaves (3 above and 2 below middle C)

***Just like electric guitars and many keyboards, theremins require amplification. While the Etherwave Theremin Amp is recommended, most keyboard amplifiers or PA systems should also be sufficient.

About Moog Music
Dr. Moog's legacy extends over the past 50 years. He started producing Theremins professionally at the age of 20 and his many years designing synthesizers, theremins, and other electronic music products have created an unparalleled body of work from the Father of Electronic Musical Instruments. The company's newest product, Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue is an updated version of the legendary Minimoog Model D, has unparalleled sound, and features an devastating electric blue back-lit and tilting front panel.

Moog Music is an Asheville, NC based company bearing the name of owner and Chief Technical Officer, Robert Moog. The current incarnation of Moog Music started as Big Briar, the company founded by Dr. Moog in 1978. Big Briar became Moog Music in 2002 after Dr. Moog reacquired the Moog Music trademark.

Moog Music is a company made up of musicians, business professionals, and technicians who work together to bring you some of the finest electronic music gear on today's market. Moog draws on a long tradition of analog design to produce USA made instruments with great sound, musician-friendly user interfaces, and rugged, good-looking classical enclosures.

Current product lines include the Etherwave Theremins, Moogerfooger Analog Guitar Effects, the Moog PianoBar, and the Minimoog Voyager Analog Synthesizers (available as a Rack Mount as well).

All Moog Music products carry a full one-year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship, in the absence of obvious neglect or abuse. Take care of it and they'll take care of you!
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