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Blade Eurorack Adaptor 20HP

Blade Eurorack Adaptor 40HP

Model 202h Utilities

Model 206e Mixer / Preset Manager

Model 207e Mixer / Mic Preamplifier

Model 210e Control and Signal Router

Model 223e Tactile Input Port

Model 225e Midi Decoder / Preset Manager

Model 225h MIDI-CV Interface

Model 226h CV-MIDI Interface

Model 227e System Interface

Model 230e Triple Envelope Tracker / Preamplifier

Model 250e Arbitrary Function Generator

Model 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source

Model 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Model 256e Control Voltage Processor

Model 257e Control Voltage Processor

Model 259e Twisted Waveform Generator

Model 261e Complex Waveform Generator

Model 266e Source of Uncertainty

Model 267e Uncertainty Source / Dual Filter

Model 272e Polyphonic Tuner

Model 281e Quad Function Generator

Model 281h Dual Function Generator

Model 285e Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator

Model 291e Triple Morphing Filter

Model 292e Quad Dynamics Manager

Model 292h Dual Lowpass Gate

Model 296e Spectral Processor

Model 297 Infinite Phase Shifter

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