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Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM-208
Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM-208

NoiseBug Price : $3499

The Buchla Electronics Musical Instruments LEM-208 is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Now available is the flexible, powerful, and iconic 208 Stored Program Sound Source in a case with a bottom boat capable of holding up to four module-units of 200e modules.

It is now possible to customize a small system that includes the 208 in the convenient and portable form factor of the Music Easel. Controllers, sequencers, random voltage sources, and more can be used to control the parameters of the 208 Stored Program Sound Source, and additional oscillators and noise sources can be routed through the 208 via its aux input.

Specifications and included accessories are subject to change without notice.

10 x program cards
6 shorting bars (2 SETS of 3)
3 x 4 inch cables
4 x 8 inch cables
2 x 18 in cables

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