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Catalyst Audio 100 Series System
Catalyst Audio 100 Series System

NoiseBug Price : $1725

The Catalyst Audio 100 Series System is not in stock.

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Manufacturer Description:
Catalyst Audio finally has released their authentic recreations of the classic Proto-West-Coast 100 series Modules. Tested against the original 100 series system from the San Francisco Tape Music Center (now at Mills College in oakland), the Catalyst Audio Modules have been fined tuned for authenticity. For the most part, they are fully discrete (No IC's) except for the 156M and 1 IC in each module to interface the voltages with eurorack and that IC can be taken out of the circuit with jumpers on the back of each module. The 156M in comparison to to the 156V (both included) is built with modern surface mount technology and IC's to provide accurate voltage processing for modern eurorack v/oct tuning in a precise way.

Modules included: (left to right)

156M Voltage Processor
158 Dual Sine / Saw Generator
180 Dual Attack Generator
156V Control Voltage processor
110 Quad Voltage Controlled Gate
106 Six Channel Mixer

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