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Moon Modular 553 MIDI to Clock Module
Moon Modular 553 MIDI to Clock Module

NoiseBug Price : $160.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 553 MIDI to Clock Module is in stock!

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Module Size: 1 unit space

Manufacturer Description:
The M553 is a module, which converts a MIDI clock into analog clock and gate signals, to synchronize e.g. analog step sequencers to MIDI hardware or software sequencers.

The MIDI clock (MIDI real time message) has a native resolution of 1/96 notes (24 tick per quarter note) of which the M553 derives the following signals:

Variable Clock
The divider value of the left clock output can selected among the MIDI original clock (1/96) and these fractions:
1/32 dotted
1/16 dotted
1/8 dotted

Fixed Clock
The right clock-output supplies a fixed clock signal, divided down to 1/16 notes.

Whenever the MIDI device puts out start and/or stop/reset commands, these jacks supply relevant trigger-signals to e.g.
-control an analog sequencer via suitable inputs
-or reset an analog sequencer
-skip notes, trigger switches etc.

Both „Note-on >C3" and „Note-on
The left output generates a gate signal, whenever a MIDI note-on command below C3 (= MIDI note number 1-59) reaches the module. The right output reacts accordingly, if a note-on command of C3 or above (= MIDI note number 60-127) arrives in the M553's input.

These "note-on to gate" activities work in parallel to the „normal" MIDI to clock conversion.

To select the MIDI channel (for the „note-on to gate" function):
Dial the rotary switch to the „channel select" position and initiate a MIDI-channel message (e.g. strike a note on a keyboard); the module sets itself to the most recently received MIDI channel (this setting is saved even if the unit is switched off).

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