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Moon Modular 563 V2 Trigger Sequencer
Moon Modular 563 V2 Trigger Sequencer

NoiseBug Price : $495.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 563 V2 Trigger Sequencer is in stock!

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Module Size: 4 unit space

Manufacturer Description:
Eight step/four row Trigger Sequencer

with built-in clock-oscillator. The 32 switches (with associated LEDs) have three positions each: gate-on, gate-off and reset.

Switch-on time (adjustable width of the gate pulse) is independently variable for each of the four busses.

Two buttons to shift and reset the trigger position manually (all four rows); two buttons with associated trigger inputs to start and stop the internal oscillator. One input to reset the sequencer to position 1 via trigger pulse. Four independent trigger inputs, one for each bus.

The jacks are „switched“, so that, if e. g. only input 1 is used, inputs 2/3/4 are affected as well. If none of the sockets is used, the built-in clock oscillator is active. Four trigger/gate-outputs for the four rows of switches.

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