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Moon Modular 568A QSTS Assistant
Moon Modular 568A QSTS Assistant

NoiseBug Price : $230.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 568A QSTS Assistant is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The M568A module is an addition to the M568 Module Quad Sequential Trigger Source. It expands the four trigger tracks of the 568 QSTS with a couple of useful features:

- each track has its own reset-input jack
- each track has two independent trigger outputs, which can be assigned to any desired step location

Assigning/deleting these positions takes place at the 568 QSTS module in combination with the, "Select A" and, "Select B" buttons at the 568A module:

Press and hold the select A/B button (set position on the 568 QSTS blink), press the desired position at the 568 QSTS.

If a 568P programmer module is attached to the 568 QSTS, the eight step-positions of the 568A will be saved together with the sequences.

- eack track has a 4-position rotary switch to select the 568 QSTS's running direction

Changing the direction (except random) doesn't happen at once but after the next reset (end/start/turning back on) of the respective track.

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