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Moon Modular 565 V3 Quad Quantizer
Moon Modular 565 V3 Quad Quantizer

NoiseBug Price : $225.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 565 V3 Quad Quantizer is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The M565 v3 QUAD QUANTIZER features four independent quantizer circuits.

The module quantizes variable control voltages into semitone intervals (1/12 volt) over an input voltage range –10.58 to +10.58 volts, in other words more than 2 x 10 octaves (128+128 semitones).

Gate pulses fed into the "Gate In"-jack trigger the quantizer; in "low" state no quantization occurs (useful to sync the quantization process precisely to a sequencer-clock out).

An "open" gate input is recognized by the module, it quantizes, i. e. if no gate jacks are patched. The four gate-ins are passed through, one plugged IN 1 feeds IN 2 to IN 4 as well. The gate outputs supply a pulse, whenever the (quantized) output voltage changes. The LEDs display exactly this pulse. The most recent quantized value remains preserved until the next quantization will occur.

Two adapters are on-board to connect one or two M 565 D Quantizer Controller modules. The M 565 v3 does support the connection of M 565 E modules, too.

An M 565 v1 or M 565 v2 Quad Quantizer Module can be updated to v3, to allow connection to M 565 D controllers and the M 567 programmer module.

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