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Moon Modular 524 Quad Voltage Controlled LFO
Moon Modular 524 Quad Voltage Controlled LFO

NoiseBug Price : $300.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 524 Quad Voltage Controlled LFO is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The M 524 QUAD LOW FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR module combines four voltage controlled low frequency oscillators.

Each oscillator produces triangle and rectangular waveforms, has a frequency controller, control voltage attenuator (bipolar) and switchable frequency range (“Audio” approx. 0.5 Hz to 4500 Hz, “LFO” approx. 5 minutes/cycle to 40 Hz; these ranges can be expanded vastly via additional control voltages).

Even though the LFOs are V/oct controllable, they are not recommended for serious vco applications.

The forthcoming assistant module will provide additional waveforms and synchronisation capabilities.

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