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Kenton S-Trigger Lead 5 Meters
Kenton S-Trigger Lead 5 Meters

NoiseBug Price : $34.99

Yes, the Kenton S-Trigger Lead 5 Meters is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
This lead is required if you have a synth with an S-trig input, but you are using a MIDI-CV converter which does not output S-trig. The cable converts the MIDI-CV converter's Gate signal into a Short trigger (S-trig) , enabling you to drive the synth.

Please note that this cable is only needed for use with other manufacturers' equipment - all Kenton MIDI-CV converters have S-trig as standard.

3.5mm mono jack to 2pin Cinch-Jones:
Connects Kenton converters to equipment that uses a 2 pin Cinch Jones connector for the s-trig input. Mostly Moog (Minimoog for example)

This particular lead is 5 meters (16.4 Feet)
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