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Moon Modular 505 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter
Moon Modular 505 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter

NoiseBug Price : $299.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 505 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The M 505 MULTI MODE FILTER features low pass, high pass, band pass (12 dB/oct each) and notch (6 dB/oct) modes, which are available simultaneously at their respective output jacks as well as a combined signal at the mixed output, where the filter mode is voltage controlled.

There are two control voltage inputs for cutoff frequency as well as regeneration, one of each with attenuators.

The attenuated cutoff frequency control input is adjusted at 0,5 volt/octave to span the whole frequency range using “lower voltage” if desired. The direct cutoff frequency control input runs at 1 volt/octave as usual.

The third control voltage input (with attenuator) regulates the continuously variable filter mode.

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