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Moon Modular 569 ESB Set Input Expander
Moon Modular 569 ESB Set Input Expander

NoiseBug Price : $215.00

Yes, the Moon Modular 569 ESB Set Input Expander is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The M 569 ESB expands the M569 by four switchable set inputs, one position per row can be specified.

The four push-button switches on the 569 ESB provide a way to manually access a stage instantly without stepping through all stages. This should be handy for setting up sequences, changing/fixing a particular note and for playing the sequencer on the fly.

All four inputs are daisy-chained: 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 = one signal can set all rows (the 569 sequencer in 4-channel mode) at once.

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