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Moon Modular System 500-1R
Moon Modular System 500-1R

NoiseBug Price : $4299.00

Yes, the Moon Modular System 500-1R is in stock!

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The first portable Moon Modular System that can be run via any Midi keyboard! 4 oscillators and 4 lfo's with 2 filters, mixers, mults and more. This system comes fully tested and assembled and reflects over $300 in savings if items bought individually.

Manufacturer Description:
Moon 500-RP 19” Rack mountable powered case
551 MIDI to CV + Gate Interface
501D+501E+501M Oscillator Suite
501D Voltage Controlled Oscillator (Secondary)
526 Three Channel Reversible Mixer
511D Dual ADSR/Envelope Generator
506 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter with VCA
505 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter
502D Dual VCA + Ring Modulator
524CP Quad Low Frequency Oscillator
544CP Utilities
On-Stage Tabletop Rack Stand
Noisebug/Canare/Mogami Patch Cables Qty. 12

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