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Kenton Pro CV to MIDI
Kenton Pro CV to MIDI

NoiseBug Price : $159.99

The Kenton Pro CV to MIDI is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
High specification Single Synth CV to MIDI converter.

One CV & one Gate input (on 3.5mm mono jack sockets)
A to D conversion for main CV input uses a 16 bit high quality ADC
V/octave, Hz/V or 1.2V/oct modes selectable
Gate type can be selected as Gate or S-trig
Aux1 & 2 inputs on 3.5mm mono jack (continuously variable or switch selectable)
Auxes can output controller numbers 0-119 plus velocity, pitchbend, aftertouch & clock
Auto tune feature makes setup easy
MIDI Out on 5 pin DIN socket
Power consumption 85mA
Dimensions 122mm wide x 75mm deep x 42mm high
Weight 170gms
Non-volatile memory EEPROM (no back-up battery required)
32 bit ARM processor
The Pro CV to MIDI is supplied complete with a plug top power supply.

Designed to work with all types of CV input
Super-fast response time
Famous Kenton build quality High specification 16 bit A to D converter and reference for main CV input for rock-steady pitches
One CV and one Gate input
CV/Gate/Aux inputs on 3.5mm mono jack sockets (3.5mm to 1/4" cables are available in our cables section)
MIDI OUT socket (5 pin DIN)
Any MIDI channel can be selected for output
Switchable for V/oct & Hz/V & 1.2V/oct scaling systems
Gate mode selectable V-trig or S-trig
Auto tune feature makes tuning really easy
Fine tune & scale are adjustable using front panel buttons
Transpose (coarse tune) - up & down 12 semitones
Adjustable pitchbend range - maximum 48 semitones up and down
Two aux inputs can convert other voltages to many other MIDI messages
Can convert clock to MIDI
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