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Elby Designs ES07 1973 VCF
Elby Designs ES07 1973 VCF

NoiseBug Price : $199.99

Yes, the Elby Designs ES07 1973 VCF is in stock!

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Euro Serge Is Here and In Stock! These modules fit into any standard Eurorack system via their Doepfer style power connectors and use standard Eurorack cables. In partnership with Serge Tcherepnin and Ken Stone, Elby Designs are now producing the Euro Serge family of synthesizer modules from the Serge Modular Music System, where the philosophy of patch-programmability and the discovery of hardware functions normally hidden in conventional synths, are brought to the surface. This is an open-ended system with new modules coming in the future but is starting with modules mainly from the Serge 1973 catalogue.

Manufacturer Description:
The ES07 is a 2-pole state-variable filter with 12dB/octave slopes on the LOWPASS and HIGHPASS outputs and a 6dB/octave slope on the BANDPASS output. The ES07 does not self oscillate. By turning up the "Q" resonance control, the filter can used as a percussion sound generator - xylophone, wood block, drum, bell, gong, vibraphone. It can also be adjusted to track to play tunes, etc. It does not have a 1V/Octave input but does have a scalable CV input. Features 2 pole state-variable filter 12db/octave slope on LP and HP outputs 6db/octave slope on BP output Can be used to generate percussive sounds Scalable CV input
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