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Erfindungsbüro Rest & Maier Midiclock+
Erfindungsbüro Rest & Maier Midiclock+

NoiseBug Price : $215.00

Yes, the Erfindungsbüro Rest & Maier Midiclock+ is in stock!

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Manufacturer Description:

Simply play together.

Sync all your sequencers with ease and control the BPM - that's what we designed the midiclock+ for!

It's an ultra-stable hardware MIDI-Masterclock generator & has a great knob to give you full control over the tempo of your performances.

Sync your whole setup
The midiclock+ generates incredibly accurate MIDI Clock messages.

It has two DIN MIDI outputs to connect to your gear. The clock signal can be distributed to more than two slaves by using MIDI Thru and you can start and stop everything with a single button.

Simply attach all devices that have MIDI Clock slave capabilities: Sequencers, synthesizers, drummachines and software like 'Live' from Ableton, Logic, and ProTools.

'Normal' and 'Live' mode
How to actually set the current BPM depends on the operating mode:

While using 'Live' mode, the BPM change immediately by turning the knob. You can use this mode if you want to make smooth tempo changes in your performance and are aware, that every turn of the knob changes the BPM.

In the 'Normal' mode, the changed value must be confirmed with a single click of the knob. This mode is perfect if you want to set your tempo once and simply need a stable clock signal. Accidental turning of the knob doesn't affect your BPM.
The midiclock+ contains a lot of updates and changes compared to the previous model:

Other Clocks

In addition to the usual MIDI Beat Clock you can configure each output to deliver an alternative clock format. You do this by flicking the respective little switch on the backside to DIN.

DIN Sync

The default alternate function is DIN Sync/Sync24. You can connect any DIN Sync capable device and sync it to your MIDI gear. The midiclock+ implements Start, Stop and - unlike a lot of other devices - Pause and Continue.

Analog Clock

The auxiliary alternate function is Modular Analog Clock. Push the encoder while connecting power to set it up. The display shows Euro for three seconds. This setting is non-permanent. Clock rate is 8ppq, Reset pulse is positive. Use our optional modular whip to break out to popular minijack.

BPM range

The BPM range in the midiclock+ is 40-300 BPM. Enjoy it.

BPM steps

In normal mode you can configure the tempo in steps of 0.5 BPM. Nevertheless, if you need to control your speed with a finer granularity, switch to live mode and simply push & turn the encoder.
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