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Free State FX FSFX109: Tau Pipe Phaser
Free State FX FSFX109: Tau Pipe Phaser

NoiseBug Price : $525

Yes, the Free State FX FSFX109: Tau Pipe Phaser is in stock!

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Manufacturer Description:
The Free State FX Tau Pipe Phaser is a voltage controllable 20 stage analog phaser module in the classic MU synthesizer format.

100% Analog Circuit Designed by Jurgen Haible
20 Stage Phaser
Built in LFO with two different Speed Ranges
CV Input with Attenuverter
Resonance Level control capable of Self-Oscillation
1V/Oct and -1V/Oct CV Inputs (Note: will only track accurately around two Octaves)
PCB by Random Source
(10) THAT300 Ultra-Matched/Low-Noise Transistor Arrays
5% Kemet MMK Capacitors
1% ¼W Resistors
Alpha Pots
Switchcraft Jacks
3.15" in Deep (Box 11 compatible)
Width = 2 MU
Type III Anodized 6061 Aluminum Panel with Epoxy Ink Print
Hand Built in Lawrence, KS USA

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