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Free State FX FSFX103: Lopass Gate
Free State FX FSFX103: Lopass Gate

NoiseBug Price : $220

The Free State FX FSFX103: Lopass Gate is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Free State FX's twist on the classic Buchla 292C Lopass Gate.

Modes of Operation:
Filter: Resonant Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter
Both: Classic 'Lopass Gate' Setting. Combination VCF and VCA.
Amp: Voltage Controlled Amplifier with fast on time and natural release.

Vactec VTL5C3/2 Vactrol for classic sound and response
Can be used as a VCF, VCA, or both
Center Position of Filter/Amp Switch Allows Both Modes To Be Used Simultaneously
FM Input with Inverting Level Control
dotcom Power Header
Switchcraft Jacks
Alpha Pots

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