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Grendel DC-2E: Expander
Grendel DC-2E: Expander

NoiseBug Price : $109

Yes, the Grendel DC-2E: Expander is in stock!

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DC-2E module pictured (right) is not included in the purchase price. This item is the Expander module pictured (left) only!

Manufacturer Description:
all of the patch points on the expander module are protected against damage from short circuits and over-voltage.

vco cv inputs: osc 1, osc 2, osc 1 + 2 [1 v/octave, 0..+5 volts range only]
gate and trigger inputs: active threshold >2.5 volts
clock input: rising edge triggered, threshold > 2.5 volts
clock output: positive pulse, 5 ms duration, 5 volt logic level
mix cv in: voltage control for mix knob (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
lfo cv in: voltage control for lfo knob (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
sweep cv in: voltage control for sweep knob (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
vcf 1 cv in: voltage control for filter knob (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts, not 1v/oct)
vcf 2 cv in: voltage control for 4-pole lpf (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts, not 1v/oct)
aux in: audio line input (switchable 0 db or +6 db gain)
lfo out: fixed amplitude ramp waveform from lfo (0..+5 volts)
sweep out: variable amplitude lfo waveform, post-sweep knob lfo (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
pulse out: variable amplitude lfo waveform, post-pulse knob (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
slide out: fixed amplitude slew limited clock divider (+/- 2.5 or 0..+5 volts)
main out: audio line output (switchable 0 db or +6 db gain) [note – inverted polarity relative to the ¼" output]

frequently asked questions
q. will there be a stand-alone (non-eurorack) version of drone commander 2?
a. yes, and it may be announced in 2016. thats all the news for now.

q. will there be versions of dc2 in other modular synthesizer formats?
a. maybe, but only after the appearance of a stand-alone model. its not highly likely.

q. are there custom finish colors and features available?
a. no, sorry.

q. what are some differences between the oscillators in dc2e and the drone commander classic?
a. drone commander classic’s oscillators produced square wave and triangle waveforms. dc2 has sawtooth, square wave, and pwm waveforms. you may want to try patching an external vco with triangle waveform to dc2e’s aux in to hear the difference.

q. the dc2e lfo doesn’t have a 2-4-8-16 switch. what does that mean?
a. dc-2e can reproduce the same metric divisions as drone commander classic, if you listen carefully while adjusting the lfo control. the lfo control acts as a clock divider that is not limited to four choices. also, the random fluctuations in tempo when changing lfo rate that were characteristic of the old model are not present in dc2. in other words, it is now much easier to set the tempo to match an external rhythm. if you like the sound of random behavior, just wiggle the tempo knob.

q. if i just have the dc-2e main module, can i control it with cv-gate, or midi, or ..?
a. the main module alone is controlled only by manual tuning and manual gate control with the env knob switch.

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