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Intellijel Designs Audio Interface
Intellijel Designs Audio Interface

NoiseBug Price : $260

The Intellijel Designs Audio Interface is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
dual line level to modular and modular to line level interface

2 x balanced trs 1/4? to euro modular level input chain
2 x euro modular level signals to balanced trs 1/4? output chain
true rms vu meter with dbu scale
line inputs and outs use high quality thatcorp balanced line receivers/drivers
input chain level can be selected between -10dbv and +4dbu signal levels.
input also has +/-12db adjustable gain
output level can be set to -10dbv, +4dbu or euro (modular) levels
additional switchable +/-6db boost on output.
switch to allow monitoring of input or output signals
10hp and skiff friendly

Width: 10hp
Power: 35mA @-12V, 73mA @+12V

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