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Intellijel Designs Dual ADSR
Intellijel Designs Dual ADSR

NoiseBug Price : $220.00

Yes, the Intellijel Designs Dual ADSR is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
the circuit is based in part on the roland sh-101 / system100m design with several enhancements.
manual gate buttons
three timing ranges: (1 second, 10second, 1minute a/d times)
normal and inverted outputs
end of decay (eod) logic output
cycle mode (which gate logic control)
retrig input (allows re-triggering of the envelope if source gate held high)
dynamic control of the envelope output level (each adsr is routed through a linear vca and the control is normalled to +5v via the level jack. you can patch another control source like an lfo or velocity level from a keyboard to this jack.
60ma +12v
49ma -12v
depth: 38mm

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