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Intellijel Designs µVCF
Intellijel Designs µVCF

NoiseBug Price : $160

Yes, the Intellijel Designs µVCF is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
introducing the µvcf state variable filter.

this is another great david dixon filter design that has been on the workbench for a while. it is a very clean and precise filter that also doubles as an excellent sine vco.

it responds very well to fm and the small size should make it a nice choice for smaller systems/lunchboxes.

6 hp
skiff friendly
low pass (lpf) 2-pole output, high pass (hpf) 2-pole output and bandpass (bpf) 1-pole output
fm1 input acts as 1v/oct when full cw tracks very well over 4+ octaves
fm2 input has a bipolar attenuator
at full q you get very low distortion sinewaves with a range of 2hz to 20khz.

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