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Moog Minimoog Voyager VX-352 CV Expander
Moog Minimoog Voyager VX-352 CV Expander

NoiseBug Price : $320.00

The Moog Minimoog Voyager VX-352 CV Expander is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
The Moog VX352 is a control voltage input expander for the MMV Rack Mount Edition. The VX352 adds modular synthesis capability to the MMV Rack by providing inputs control voltages (CV) and gate signals for control of the MMV Rack's synthesis circuits.

Two active attenuators and a four-way mult panel allow distribution and processing of the MMV Rack CVs.

VX-351 & VX-352 User Documentation
This document contains the VX-351 and VX-352 section of the new Voyager family manual.
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