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Moog VX-351 Voltage Control Expander
Moog VX-351 Voltage Control Expander

NoiseBug Price : $279.00

Yes, the Moog VX-351 Voltage Control Expander is in stock!

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Manufacturer Description:
The VX-351 connects to the Voyager's accessory port with the included detachable cable. It houses twenty-one one-quarter inch jacks that are connected to the Voyager's CV and Gate outputs in a CP-251 sized enclosure with an optional rack mount kit. It also includes two 4-way mults and two attenuators. Adding this to your Voyager adds the capabilities of a modular synthesizer. Think: if Voyager = infinite sound possibilities, then Voyager + VX-351 = infinity2.

The VX-351 is a tabletop module but can be rack-mounted with the optional Moog VX/CP rackmount kit shown here.

New! Brian Kehew, Moog clinician gives a video overview of the VX-351 CV Expander. If your connection can handle it, load this 18 Meg file to learn more.

To download the Vx-351 user manual as a PDF file, please click here

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