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Vermona TAI-4
Vermona TAI-4

NoiseBug Price : $329

Yes, the Vermona TAI-4 is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
The TAI-4 is a 2x2 channel audio interface module for balancing signals coming from the modular system and for un-balancing audio signals that are sent to the modular.

The TAI-4 has isolating transformers and features true balancing.

The upper part of the module consists of two identical channels with balanced XLR (female) connectors as inputs and 3.5mm mono-minijacks as outputs. Rocker switches serve for adjusting levels (0dB, +6dB, +12dB). The bottom part has two output channels with 3.5mm minijacks as inputs and XLR-males as outputs. with rocker switches for adjusting levels (-12dB, -6dB, 0dB).

14 HP

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