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Synthetic Sound Labs

Model 1021: Steiner Filter

Model 1130: Ian Fritz Double-Deka Ultrasonic VCO

Model 1200: VCO1

Model 1230 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator

Model 1235: Envelope / VCA Combo (1 MU)

Model 1250: Quad LFO

Model 1260: Tap Tempo LFO

Model 1310: Voltage Controlled Digital Delay

Model 1350: FX Capacitor

Model 1350: FX Capacitor

Model 1420: Scat-Talker

Model 1510: Octal Linear VCA

Model 1520: Segwencer IV

Model 1610 V-Gates

Model 1710: 5-Pulser / Dual Analog XOR

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