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Manikin Electronic Vintage Collection 5 CD
Manikin Electronic Vintage Collection 5 CD

NoiseBug Price : $99

The Manikin Electronic Vintage Collection 5 CD is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
Manikin Electronic Vintage 5 Soundset CD, Now Available! Compatible with Manikin Memotron, M2D and M2K.

Sounds included:
01. BARCLAY JH Violins
02. Combined Choir 1
03. CRIMSON Half Speed Brass
04. Elektrik Voice
05. French Horn
06. Hammond M3
07. M400 Solo Violin
08. MkII Church Organ 2
09. MkII Church Organ 2 + Intro
10. MkII Muted Bass
11. MkII Violins (Speaker)
12. Patrick Moraz Stage Sounds
13. Patrick Moraz Violins B
14. Patrick Moraz Violins Phrases
15. TD ARP Fuzz Guitar
16. TD Recorder
17.MkII WATCHER (Speaker) Mix
18. MkII WATCHER (Speaker) Bass Accordion

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