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Manikin Electronic Schrittmacher: Black
Manikin Electronic Schrittmacher: Black

NoiseBug Price : $1399

The Manikin Electronic Schrittmacher: Black is not in stock.

Manufacturer Description:
The Schrittmacher unifies the functionality of Software-Sequencers with the intuitive usability of classic Step-Sequencers. It is pattern based, but has 32 tracks (!) where the Parameter lines, notes, Midi data and internal Parameters can be edited at will. 16 Steps are always directly accessible over the Encoder (Endless dial) on the Front panel, and through one simple push can become active, erased or muted.

The Editing is handled by the Encoder or called up through Midi-Data, and offers flexible transposing of current Patterns. Also more Parameters can simultaneously give midis notes and also change them, for example when programming chord sequences. Further Parameters can give Midi data when using the instrument in real-time, to change internal Functions of the Schrittmacher like i.e. dynamic changes of note lengths, running direction of sequence or editing Long Patterns. Perfect Timing is tightly delivered, even with the most complex Patterns. The entry and editing of the most important Parameters is achievable without detours into Menu's, and can be done on the encoder alone. The idea "why not quickly build a drum pattern" is easily realized, just like on a classic Drum machine and to generate a complex Arrangement is probably easier than with a Software-Sequencer, which is good news for Hardware freaks.

32 Tracks = parallel Parameter lines; Pattern lengths; Steps, flexible and dynamic chain linking to Patterns of arbitrary Lengths / external Control with Midi-Keyboard and -Controllers / automatic Sync function for precise Sync even after intensive real time "Editing Orgies", on `the one` Loop function, forwards, backwards, random playback saveable as part of the Sequence / All Sequences and playable parameters are editable in real-time with running sequences / Steps and Parameter lines are editable both individually and in groups / 30 Pre-sets in Flash ROM / 240x128 Pixel Graphic-Display with background lighting/ 16 stage endless Encoder with integrated buttons and Multicolour LED's / 28 buttons in total most with integrated multi-color LED's

Midi-In, 2x Midi-Out
IEC mains inlet, 110V-230V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

19“, 3U, 74mm deep
brushed aluminum front panel with engraved letters.

Weight: 4.0 kg

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