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Plankton Electronics Arrhythmia
Plankton Electronics Arrhythmia

NoiseBug Price : $399

Yes, the Plankton Electronics Arrhythmia is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
programmable clock generator

step by step programmable clock generator
time of each step is set by the step potentiometer
"rate" and "step range" knobs
analog clock combined with a digital step counter
2 to 16 steps selectable with the "last step" button
rates from 24,5 msec to 8 sec
infinite possibilities to design swing patterns, organic rhythms, weird loops or chaos
"rate" and "reset" cv ins
very esefull to trigger step sequencers, envelopes, logic gates or sync inputs

29ma @ +12v
16ma @ -12v
26mm depth

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