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Waldorf License SL for Blofeld Desktop
Waldorf License SL for Blofeld Desktop

List Price: $199.00
NoiseBug Price : $149.00

Yes, the Waldorf License SL for Blofeld Desktop is in stock!

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Manufacturer Description:
License SL greatly expands the sonic potential of Blofeld. With this license installed, 60 megabytes of sample flash memory become available for factory or user samples. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld's vast synthesis engine just like the standard oscillators.

And like the oscillators, samples can be used as an FM source or destination. You can also apply ring modulation, dual filters and overdrive to go far beyond traditional sample playback technology.

All you need is a Blofeld desktop model, License SL, and your Mac or Windows computer with a DVD drive, USB connectivity to load the License SL upgrade software and the factory sample content into your Blofeld desktop unit.


• 60 Megabyte of Sample Flash
• Easy to install - no screwdriver required!
• Easy selection like additional oscillator shapes
• Multisamples

Factory Samples (excerpt):
• Clavinet
• Piano
• Guitar
• Zither
• E-Organ
• Mixed Choir
• Nay Flute
• Marimba
• French Horn
• Kalimba
• Strings
• Tubular Bell
• Pizzicato
• Cymbals
• Tambourine
• Triangle
• Guiro
• Bongos
• Agogo
• Infinite Ending
• Sad Strings
• String Chord
• Sweet Strings
• Score Spectrum
• Gong Spectrum
• Soft Gong
• Hose
• Electricity
• Machine
• Shellac
• Sonar
• Spring
• Impulse
• ...

Also Included:
• Waldorf Edition LE (PPG Wave 2.V | Attack | D-Pole)
• Blofeld Tutorial by Rob Jones

• Waldorf Blofeld (Desktop Version)
• Computer with USB (Mac or PC)
• Internet Connection

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