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STG Soundlabs Sea Devils Filter
STG Soundlabs Sea Devils Filter

NoiseBug Price : $255

Yes, the STG Soundlabs Sea Devils Filter is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
a three pole diode ladder lowpass filter with voltage controlled resonance.

there are two famous 3 pole diode ladder lowpass filters. one of them was in a little silver box of a synthesizer with integrated sequencer that was used to make "acid tracks" and the other one was was in a big suitcase of a synthesizer with a silver faceplate and semi-integrated sequencer that was used to make tracks while on acid. this is the latter. we're not going to name any names here but let's hope we don't have to mention any voltage controlled studios or electronic music studios to establish the lineage of this filter topology.

we can't promise this thing will make sea devils appear on your lawn or models of airplanes fly from one side of the stage to the other, crashing into a papier mache sun at the end of your song, so please don't be offended if these things fail to happen while using the filter- presuming you want to own one.

this module features a pcb designed by detachment 3 engineering via yves usson.

this module is 3.75" deep and requires 14 hp of mounting space.

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