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STG Soundlabs Wave Folder
STG Soundlabs Wave Folder

NoiseBug Price : $225

Yes, the STG Soundlabs Wave Folder is in stock!

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From the latest 2017 run: The STG Soundlabs Wave Folder has been redesigned and is now less than 2" behind the panel for skiff/Box-11 friendly operation!

Manufacturer Description:

The Wave Folder is a nonlinear diode-based waveshaper with voltage-controllable gain and a 10-volt offset range.

Now you're probably asking yourself "mkay that sounds like my Bostron Zombie pedal, but 5 times what I paid for it at Banjo Centre. why do I want that? my Zombie is an exciting pink colour!"

The answer: this is more. in addition to being more money, we're talking more diodes, more output, more gain, more offset. more sound. the STG Soundlabs Wave Folder contains no less than 20 diodes, guaranteed or your money back. when I opened a certain un-named diode-based distortion pedal I found only 4 diodes. 5 times the diodes, five times the price: coincidence?

it's also, of course, completely different than your pretty pink distortion pedal. the circuit inside this module is licensed from Juergen Haible, and adapted by Yves Usson and Detachment 3 Engineering.

*A NOTE on Module finish: All STG Soundlabs MU/5U modules are anodized to look "vintage, original Moog modular". This process does make STG Soundlabs front panels impervious to rusting, and the graphics will never flake off. However, the black anodization is susceptible to inconsistencies and what some may refer to as aesthetic imperfections. The faceplates are not shiny, and are vintage looking. Please understand this before ordering.
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