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STG Soundlabs Active Attenuators
STG Soundlabs Active Attenuators

NoiseBug Price : $195

Yes, the STG Soundlabs Active Attenuators is in stock!

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Please specify if You need +/-100% Gain or +/-200% Gain. Both are in stock and are the same price.

Manufacturer Description:
The Active Attenuators module is a cascading bipolar gain processor which combines attenuation, mixing, signal processing, and distribution in one general-purpose module. There are three bipolar gain cells (top, middle, and bottom) which have two inputs per cell. The left input of each cell is normalised to the left input of the cell above, save the first which is normalised to +5 volts.

This Swiss Army knife of signal processing is sure to be a benefit to your electronic music studio.

This module has a physical depth of only 2 inches.

*A NOTE on Module finish: All STG Soundlabs MU/5U modules are anodized to look "vintage, original Moog modular". This process does make STG Soundlabs front panels impervious to rusting, and the graphics will never flake off. However, the black anodization is susceptible to inconsistencies and what some may refer to as aesthetic imperfections. The faceplates are not shiny, and are vintage looking. Please understand this before ordering.
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