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Studio Electronics Router
Studio Electronics Router

NoiseBug Price : $59

Yes, the Studio Electronics Router is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
Two audio or CV routers—bidirectional—despite what the nomenclature states. Bring a signal in and switch between two desirable destinations. Center off switch. Great for instantaneous audio or CV effects: flip your wilson between polar opposites, or subtly nebulous contrasts with your fingers... mainly.

Two Switches:
1-2, 1-2

Six Patch Points:
OUT 1, OUT 2, IN A (top), IN B, OUT 1, OUT 2 (bottom).

All Controls and Patch Points:
OUT 1 – Output #1.
OUT 2 – Output #2.
IN A – Input A.
1-2 (IN A) – Switch between output 1 and 2.
1-2 (IN B) – Switch between output 1 and 2.
IN B – Input B.
OUT 1 – Output #1.
OUT 2 – Output #2.

Size - 2hp
Depth - 15mm with ribbon cable attached
Power Usage - Passive

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