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Vermona Modular Case 104
Vermona Modular Case 104

NoiseBug Price : $829.00

Yes, the Vermona Modular Case 104 is in stock!

Manufacturer Description:
Eurorack-housing with extras
Being a proud owner of a Eurorack modular system, you not only hopefully spend a lot of time with your instrument but have also invested a significant amount of money. We believe it is time for a special housing that underlines your modular synthesizer in a decorative way, making it more accessible than ever at the same time.

ModularCase 104 has been designed as a console with a respectable capacity of 104 HP being divided into two identical 3 RU rows. A carefully designed power supply provides extremely safe and stable 2,000 mA for even the most demanding module combinations.

We have provided our ModularCase 104 with polished wooden side panels, lifting the look of your modular instrument to match the classics of synthesizer history.

That certain something
In addition to both rows to fit modules, ModularCase 104 offers two additional 1 RU rows. This allows you to accommodate useful utilities such as multiples.

Our ModularCase 104 is produced and assembled by hand plus carefully checked before packing in our electroacoustic manufactory in Erlbach, Germany. The use of highest-quality components and materials is implicit for us. A frame for sophisticated users – visually and in application.

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